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  • Head Office Address; Odotei Tsui Loop, adjacent Ghana Refugee Board, Dzorwulu, Accra East
  • +233 (0) 303 971 433 / 303 971 435

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A Call to CSOs, Government + the Private Sector to Work with People with Disabilities

The Disability Network of Ghana is a group comprising individuals, civil society organisations (CSOs) interested in disability issues, disabled people’s organisations, and the umbrella organisation of all disability organisations in Ghana and the Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations (GFD). Hope for Future Generations (HFFG), a member of this Network, participated in the August 2017 Disability Network Meeting chaired by the President of GFD, Yaw Ofori Debra, at the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana).


The network meeting is held regularly for member and partner organisations to share information on what they are doing to advance the rights of persons with disabilities (PWDs). Adam Abdul Wahab, Communication and Media Relations Officer for GFD, made a presentation of the Federation’s media analysis report to track media attention to disability issues. He highlighted the influence that media has on popular perceptions of people with disabilities including their education ability, health, political participation, employment, and accessibility among other factors.


Rita Kyeremaa Kusi, the Executive Director of GFD, outlined the efforts of the disability movement to ensure participation in key national decision-making processes including the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She also called on CSOs, government and the private sector, especially, to employ PWDs or take them on as interns as a means to curb unemployment among the population. PWDs have a lot to offer to the world just like persons without disabilities.


HFFG briefed the Network on the HopePal project – a collaborative initiative between the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Starr FM (EIB Network) – to bring attention to the challenges of PWDs, provide greater mentorship and critical support; and call for the continuous solidarity of the network in implementing the project.